[Charles Nicolle and the accomplishments of his scientific thought].

  • Amor Chadli
  • Published 1986 in Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Tunis


The author presents in this study the achievements of the scientific thought of Charles Nicolle, chiefly on the basis of two notions: the asymptomatic diseases and the destiny of infectious diseases. Recalling the factors which prevailing about the career of Charles Nicolle, he shows that the asymptomatic diseases became a fundamental notion in infectious pathology as human, animal, viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. The notion allowed him to open the study of pathogen agents on the fields of the environment, so enriching the epidemiology, the prophylaxis and the medical ecology. After the notion of specificity of microbes pointed out by Pasteur, Charles Nicolle enlarged their implications and conceived the infinite complexity of microbes. The first he introduced in microbiology the notion of mutation and foresaw the birth, the evolution and the death of the infectious diseases. Not so long time after and now these anticipations has been proved.


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